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Azalea Walk II

Welcome back to the Azalea Walk at the National Arboretum. There are other lovelies there, besides azaleas…. Clematis Baby pine cones Japanese maples But this is the Azalea Walk, after all. Where you’ll find soft coral… dark coral a garland … Continue reading

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Azalea Walk

If you ever get to the D.C. area in early May, do the Azalea Walk in the National Arboretum. The azaleas are just about every color, and tended carefully. We were a little late this year, so missed the biggest … Continue reading

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Morning light

  There’s just something wonderful about the way morning light hits things like azaleas and camellias and everything else. It’s kind of like fairy dust, don’t you think? {ms. pearl}

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A little more snow and ice

I do believe spring is just around the corner, but we still have some snow on the ground, so I’ll post just a few more snow and ice pics (no pun intended). Ivy is just about the only green thing … Continue reading

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Finding some green

It’s been really cold lately, so I was surprised to see this bit of green in the backyard. I don’t mind cold weather, but I’m weary of the icy winds we’re having. We had a little bit of snow on … Continue reading

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Wacky textures

More experimenting with textures, especially unusual ones. I never know what I’m going to get when I add textures to my photos, but that’s half the fun. One thing I’ve learned: when selecting a texture, try the wackiest-looking one you … Continue reading

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April in Paris

Just kidding. I’ve been to Paris several times, but never in April. But I have to say, it is pretty hard to beat April in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. The azaleas and dogwoods and tulips and lilacs–oh my. … Continue reading

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At the Arboretum

We went to the arboretum last weekend and the azalea section was looking great. Growing up, I had never seen an azalea and was amazed when I  first laid eyes on them. So many colors! A flowering shrub that’s evergreen! … Continue reading

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