Wacky textures

More experimenting with textures, especially unusual ones. I never know what I’m going to get when I add textures to my photos, but that’s half the fun. One thing I’ve learned: when selecting a texture, try the wackiest-looking one you can find, or the most different from the photo. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. Big time.

Here’s the original photo of some azaleas I shot at the National Arboretum. They are a sweet candy-pink and white.

Here’s the same photo with a couple different textures. One of them looks a bit like snow and the other is like leather with blue highlights.

Painting with textures
I think it looks kind of “painterly.”

This is a shot of flame azaleas I took awhile back.

Here’s the “textured” version:

azalea painting
Generally, I remove about half the color in the image, then apply the texture. It so much fun to play with the blending! The difference between “soft light” and “hard light” can be huge.

 I got both of these textures from a Flickr user named JoesSistah. She has like 1200 free textures on Flickr! Can you imagine how many possibilities there are? And that’s using just ONE texture. I tend to use two so far….

All post-processing done with Photshop Elements 8. It’s a safe bet to say I’ll probably be buying this when the free testing is over.

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