At the Arboretum

We went to the arboretum last weekend and the azalea section was looking great. Growing up, I had never seen an azalea and was amazed when I  first laid eyes on them. So many colors! A flowering shrub that’s evergreen! It just doesn’t exist in the snowy Midwest.

lavender azaleas

I just bought one in this color and can’t wait to see it bloom every year. Such a gorgeous lavender and the petals are so delicate. They look a little like fairies, don’t they?

apricot azaleas on a limb

This is the first apricot-colored azalea I’ve ever seen. It’s from Turkey or China or some other exotic locale. I took a closeup for my banner.

Pink spotted azaleas

Like peppermint candy, non?

pink striped azalea

This is a bit unusual. It’s either the result of grafting or a freak in nature. I love the green in the background.


I’ve been putting my photos up on Flickr and this one has generated the most buzz. A total surprise, because I thought it was just okay and almost didn’t post it. The accolades have been nice and very inspiring. I’m only an amateur photographer, but I’m a pretty serious amateur.
Oh, I’ve figured out how to link my Flickr photos and this blog, so if you by any chance want to see my “photostream,” just click on one of my photos. It should take you to my Flickr page. I’m not a techie, so no guarantees there!

One more thing about Flickr: there are some AMAZING photographers over there. I am constantly blown away by the photos I find there every single day. I will try to post some of my favorites, but have to get permission first.

Have a great one!

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