Azalea Walk


If you ever get to the D.C. area in early May, do the Azalea Walk in the National Arboretum. The azaleas are just about every color, and tended carefully. We were a little late this year, so missed the biggest display, but there was still plenty to see.


Dogwood blossoms


I had to de-saturate this one, the color was so intense. Have never seen this color azalea anywhere else.

formal garden

The Azalea Walk is mostly an informal path through a wooded area, but there’s also a small formal garden.

More tomorrow….

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10 Responses to Azalea Walk

  1. mindymilburn says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous place!!!

  2. Caroline says:

    The orange azalea is absloutely fantastic. I have never seen them like that. Really “wow”. Looks like a very beautiful place indeed.

    • I think the yellow-orange azalea is originally from South America. May be hard to grow or really expensive, because I’ve never seen it anywhere else either. The azalea in my sidebar is the same variety, taken last year.

  3. flyinggma says:

    Beautiful flowers Ms Pearl. Thank you for sharing. I especially love the orange colored one. I haven’t seen that one here in Minnesota.

  4. bonniegunkel says:

    Wow! These are all beautiful shots. The orange is fantastic. Of course I love the dogwood…and the purple is amazing!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Exquisite! Maybe some day enroute to/from Fort Myers, I’ll make a detour and join you on that walk!

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