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Dumbarton Oaks, part II

  A litle more history about Dumbarton Oaks. Robert Woods Bliss (perfect name for someone who owned all this, huh?) commissioned  Igor Stravinsky to compose a concerto for his thirtieth wedding anniversary in 1938. The Concerto in E-flat for chamber orchestra is more commonly … Continue reading

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Goin’ crazy with texture

Remember when I said the craziest-looking textures can sometimes work with your photos? I created the image above with a free texture from darkwood67’s collection on Flickr. (There are tons of free textures on Flickr, by the way.) The texture … Continue reading

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Sad photos and monuments

A recent comment made me think about old photos and how they can make you sad, whereas paintings or drawings don’t. I know I experience a bit of melancholy when I see old photographs of people in an antique store. … Continue reading

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Wacky textures

More experimenting with textures, especially unusual ones. I never know what I’m going to get when I add textures to my photos, but that’s half the fun. One thing I’ve learned: when selecting a texture, try the wackiest-looking one you … Continue reading

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Niki de Saint Phalle

My friend Fran invited me to see the Niki de Saint Phalle sculptures outside the Museum of Women in the Arts and I accepted immediately. I love her stuff. We first saw her works outside the Centre Georges Pompidou in … Continue reading

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