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Upside-down Siberian

Finally! I was able to take a photo of Yuri looking up at me while on my lap. Not an easy feat, because he often looks away when he sees the iPhone coming, and I have to lean way back, … Continue reading

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Ole Green Eyes

This little guy had to be left behind when my husband had his surgery. Six whole weeks, but we found the best pet sitter! It was true love on both sides…she sent me more than a few photos of Yuri … Continue reading

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International Cat Day

Well, I just have to post a photo of our cat on International Cat Day! Here’s Yuri on bird alert: Great weekend a day early, {carole}

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Back Again

I’m happy to say I’m just about back to my old self, and am very grateful. Just being able to do normal things again is wonderful. My husband was fantastic and helped me out a great deal. I can’t imagine … Continue reading

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Living His Best Life

Yup, that’s Yuri all curled up on the guest room bed. I’m so glad we have air conditioning, as it’s been hot and humid here all week. This Siberian would really suffer without it. Great weekend, everyone! {carole}

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Those Eyes

I am still getting used to how intently Yuri looks at me. Is he trying to figure me out? Checking to see if I’m prey? If he were a dog, I’d be nervous, because that’s such a sign of aggression. … Continue reading

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A Name Change

So I decided to change our cat’s name. “Danny” just doesn’t fit our Siberian. After much back and forth, I decided on “Yuri.” As in Yuri Zhivago, one of my favorite characters. No resemblance at all, I know. 🙂 Yuri’s … Continue reading

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Meet Danny

So, we got a cat! After several weeks of research, I found a beautiful Siberian named Danslav–Danny for short–from a breeder. It’s quite an adjustment from a dog, but we are being entertained on a daily basis. Siberians are supposed … Continue reading

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