Upside-down Siberian

Finally! I was able to take a photo of Yuri looking up at me while on my lap. Not an easy feat, because he often looks away when he sees the iPhone coming, and I have to lean way back, which he doesn’t like. It wasn’t until I looked at this photo on the computer that I noticed he had his tongue out. : )

Anyway, this guy is doing well, still feisty and funny. He’s slowing down just a little bit, but can still take the stairs eight at a time. Yuri never walks down the stairs–he flies down.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay healthy….


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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3 Responses to Upside-down Siberian

  1. Susan says:

    He is such a handsome critter, even with his tongue sticking out!😉

  2. What a lovely capture of your very handsome Yuri. I experience the same with my cat Moshu, as soon as I point my cell phone towards her, she turns her head the other direction. When I pull out my real camera, she flies with her only 3 legs. Have a great weekend .

  3. Thanks, Cornelia. I still haven’t tried my real camera on him, but the iPhone captures such great detail I’m OK with that.

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