Meet Danny

So, we got a cat! After several weeks of research, I found a beautiful Siberian named Danslav–Danny for short–from a breeder. It’s quite an adjustment from a dog, but we are being entertained on a daily basis. Siberians are supposed to be the most like dogs, so this was a nice compromise.


Danny is a brown tabby with white.


His tail is like a raccoon’s–very bushy and striped.

Danny is a year and a half old, but acts like a kitten. He flies through the air from place to place and climbs everywhere. Just when I think the house is cat-proofed, he gets into something else. I cannot believe how fast he moves, especially after having a dog that was nearly 18 years old.


As you can see, Danny’s eyes are greenish-gold and he has a pink nose. The pads on his paws are bright pink! They almost look like cotton candy.

All photos were taken with my iPhone. I didn’t want to freak Danny out with the big camera when he was still adjusting to his new surroundings. I think he looks a little dubious in the photo above.


We bought a cat tree and Danny seems to love it. You can kind of see how big his paws are in this photo. When he flexes his paws they are huge. I guess that’s for traction in the Siberian snow. Siberians have a waterproof coat for the cold too. Luckily he doesn’t shed everywhere.

All for now. I promise to not bore you to death with cat photos. πŸ™‚

Hope your week’s going well so far. We had kind of a medical emergency this week, so I’m behind on commenting. Everything’s fine now, so I hope to catch up soon.


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28 Responses to Meet Danny

  1. Deepika Ramesh says:

    I am already in love with Danny. πŸ™‚ He is utterly handsome. Thank you for sharing these pictures, and I really would love to see more. I hope Danny would settle in well soon. And, I am glad everything is okay now.

  2. Kitty Opal says:

    He looks gorgeous, thankyou for sharing these photos! I look forward to hearing more about him as he settles into his new life πŸ™‚

  3. Danny is one handsome cat! πŸ™‚

  4. anroworld says:

    Danny is the cutest, he is so adorable, I would like to hug him tightly! I adore cats, they are so funny, they make us smile a lot! Take care, Carole, hope everything is all right! Have a calm weekend!

  5. bonniegunkel says:

    What a gorgeous boy!!

  6. Susan says:

    He’s gorgeous, and looks like a real sweetie pie!

  7. What a beautiful cat you got, he is handsome and loving. I know what you mean shooting with your iPhone, my cat Moshu is still scared of my real camera.

  8. Caroline says:

    I absolutely adore him. He is beautiful. Before we got our strays we were thinking about getting a pedigree cat and the Siberian was high up there. Mine must have something like that because he’s like a dog and his paws are big as well.
    I can’t get enough of cat photos so I’m looking forward to see more. I’m not online very often, as you may have noticed and it was a treat to come back to such a lovely post.

    • I’ve missed you, Caroline…hope all is well with you.
      So glad you like Danny as I know you’re a cat person. He is so entertaining and affectionate. Siberians are supposed to be the most hypoallergenic, so I went with that. I tried shelters first, but none had Siberians. Also thought of getting a Maine Coon, but only kittens were available and we had two trips coming up then.

  9. Caroline says:

    I’m fine but somehow distracted and time just flies by.
    Norwegians, Siberians, Maine Coon and also Turkish Angora, are some of my favourites. I think ours might have a bit of Maine Coon or Siberian but he doesn’t have the long top coat, only the silky smooth under coat and a fine, shorter layer on top. Luckily, he doesn’t shed much. She does though. I’m suprised sometimes she isn’t bald but it’s normal for European short hair.
    Kittens take a lot of time. Mine was four months when we got him and he was so wild. She was already older. Both have advantages.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more. And seeing more. πŸ™‚

    • I would have loved a Norwegian Forest Cat, but they are really hard to find here. I talked to so many breeders and got the runaround a lot. They wouldn’t say when they’d have kittens or they’d be booked a year in advance. Never dreamed it would be this challenging.
      Had to pass on a beautiful Maine Coon because she was 25 pounds. Add that to the carrier and it’s a lot of weight to take to the vet!

      I’m also glad Danny doesn’t shed much at all.

      • Caroline says:

        You find Norwegians very easily here. Not surprising I suppose. Maine Coons can be extremely heavy. It’s the biggest breed I think. 25 pounds for a female is huge. But they are lovely.

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