Living His Best Life

Yup, that’s Yuri all curled up on the guest room bed. I’m so glad we have air conditioning, as it’s been hot and humid here all week. This Siberian would really suffer without it.

Great weekend, everyone!


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8 Responses to Living His Best Life

  1. Susan says:

    He sure looks comfortable!

  2. AnRoalisticBlog says:

    Oh, how cute he is! Pets make our life happier!

  3. Caroline says:

    Lovely shot.
    Ours are not so lucky. We have temperatures around 38°C/100°F and no air conditioning. It’s hard on all of us. The only lucky thing, for reasons I don’t understand but am glad about the temperatre drops at night to under 68°F, so, at least at night we’re OK. It’s the hottest summer since ages. Not as bad as 2003 but close.
    Btw, I just wrote abut a lovely (cat) photographer. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear it, Caroline. We didn’t have A/C the first four years here and I couldn’t work in the office upstairs from 2-6 p.m. it was so hot. Really glad Yuri didn’t have to go through that. Hope it cools off there soon.
      Saw the review. 🙂

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