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These aren’t virtual tears….

Sorry, folks, this is a sad one. Yesterday, I got some news that sent me reeling. A fellow blogger and photographer died suddenly of a heart attack. Molly lived in Tuscany and we’d never met, but she often commented on … Continue reading

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Flickr and blogging tip

Hi. I’m popping in on a Saturday to share a very useful tip about linking Flickr photos to your blog. If you choose to make certain blog photos (like shots of your house & pool) private on flickr by clicking “Only you … Continue reading

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Sun oils

A sunflower to brighten your morning. Taken with the iPhone, no processing. I’m fascinated with the texture that comes with iPhone photos taken in bright light. Remember the PaintMee app? Here’s the same sunflower: Another (iPhone) sunflower shot: A bit … Continue reading

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I heart serendipity

Yesterday morning I found two wonderful things on line. The first one was a random tweet from Just Wanna Say It :  “Morning time: a cup of hot hello, a plate of crispy wishes, a spoon of sweet smiles, & a … Continue reading

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Slim Paley

The nicest thing happened on Saturday. I learned that Slim Paley, one of my favorite bloggers, put me on her blog roll! I have to tell you, her blog is amazing. I know that’s the most overused adjective these days, … Continue reading

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Unforgettable images from other bloggers

I am constantly inspired by other bloggers. Especially the ones with great images. You may have heard about “The Pioneer Woman.” She’s the big kahuna of bloggers with something like 10 million views a week (a day?). Ree Drummond dishes … Continue reading

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Thank you, WordPress people!

shelter, originally uploaded by Ms._Pearl. What a day I had yesterday. I knew something was up when I noticed a huge spike in my blog views. Totally forgot to check my blog email, or I would have seen that my blog … Continue reading

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The Connectivity of it all

This morning, I looked at Flickr photos and clicked on one that was really beautiful. It took me to a blog, which led to another blog with a link for a truly motivating video. It dawned on me that we … Continue reading

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