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“Country living” in New York City

Hey there….I’m back from Florida, where it was sunny and warm and beautiful. I need some time to organize photos, so will share something else with you today. Every now and then I’ll see something in a magazine that really … Continue reading

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Another surprise

I received a nice surprise the other day: the very talented and funny blogger over at Thoughts Appear just gave me the “One Lovely Blog Award.”  The only “rule” is that I have to pass it along to three more … Continue reading

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Inside Hillwood

As I said on Thursday, I took some shots of the Hillwood mansion interiors on the sly with my iPhone. These photos are pretty rough, because I took them very quickly. Photography is kind of not allowed, but no one said … Continue reading

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Browsing in Nantucket

While in Nantucket, we ducked into a shop that was so beautifully laid out, I had to take photos. Enjoy: I could hardly believe it when I spied these: They look exactly the same as the flatware I photographed at … Continue reading

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French boutique in Amish country

I love unusual juxtapositions, don’t you? While in the Amish country recently, we discovered some pretty nice boutiques, including this one with all things French and beautiful. Here’s another view:   See the little bird next to the glass? I … Continue reading

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Slim Paley

The nicest thing happened on Saturday. I learned that Slim Paley, one of my favorite bloggers, put me on her blog roll! I have to tell you, her blog is amazing. I know that’s the most overused adjective these days, … Continue reading

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The Connectivity of it all

This morning, I looked at Flickr photos and clicked on one that was really beautiful. It took me to a blog, which led to another blog with a link for a truly motivating video. It dawned on me that we … Continue reading

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It’s been a loooong time

Wow, I’ve been away for a stretch. I’ve been working on another blog on a different platform and not having a whole lotta’ fun. I couldn’t even figure out how to change the fonts, and I consider myself fairly computer-literate. … Continue reading

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New Powder Room

[Update, March 22, 2012. Three years since we completed the project, people are still looking at this post, so I thought I would replace the old, too-small photos with larger ones. Plus I found the paint chips and added that … Continue reading

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Shopping in SoCo

        My husband and I spent a few days in Austin, Texas, to see my youngest son and did a little shopping in the SoCo (South Congress St.) district. There’s a shop called Uncommon Objects and it’s to … Continue reading

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