Sun oils

A sunflower to brighten your morning. Taken with the iPhone, no processing. I’m fascinated with the texture that comes with iPhone photos taken in bright light.

Remember the PaintMee app? Here’s the same sunflower:

Another (iPhone) sunflower shot:

A bit too much grain for my tastes, so I turned it into an “oil painting” with Photoscape:

Simply open your photo in Photoscape, click on “filter,” “pictorialize” then “oil painting.” All of this takes just seconds. The technology today!

Um, have you noticed anything new in the last two posts? Like my photos are much, much bigger? When I uploaded the Swedish images yesterday, I noticed that the large size didn’t get scrunched by my WordPress template. When I tried that with my pictures a while back, the crunching happened big time. I must have tried only the HTML versions. If I use “Visual,” the shots are larger and distortion-free. The catch is that they’re no longer linked to Flickr. What I can do is add a Flickr button to the sidebar if anyone is interested in seeing my photostream.

I’m finding that I like staying with the old, familiar methods when it comes to editing photos. It’s going to take a while to wean myself off the free programs and get into Photoshop and LightRoom. I have two really thick books to study, so will have to cut back on the photos for a while. A lot of photography blogs have only one photo per day, but this isn’t solely a photography blog. I’m interested in sharing more than that, and am still figuring out how to do it. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, enjoy the blog–now on steroids. 🙂

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