Flickr and blogging tip

Hi. I’m popping in on a Saturday to share a very useful tip about linking Flickr photos to your blog.

If you choose to make certain blog photos (like shots of your house & pool) private on flickr by clicking “Only you can see this,” because you wouldn’t want your flickr peers to review stuff like that, make sure you keep them that way. If you, by chance, decide to make currently public pics private, but they’re already on the blog, they will disappear from your blog. You will then see the following:

“This photo is currently unavailable.

(Actually, “from Yahoo” doesn’t show up, but it insisted on coming along this time.)

You will then have to spend quite a lot of time restoring said photos one by one, and that is not fun. Hopefully you’ve only done this to a few photos. Know what else? This will happen on the day you have the heaviest traffic on your blog that month. Guaranteed!

Let me recap in case I wasn’t clear. My brain is a little foggy after all that uploading last night:

1) Photos that are private on Flickr will still show up on your blog, as long as you don’t touch them.

2) Blog photos that are public on Flickr will vanish from the blog if you later you convert them to “private.” I knew that deleting pics from Flickr would delete them on the blog too–duh–but didn’t know about the privacy thing. The link between Flickr and WordPress is good, but it’s not magical.  Don’t screw with it like I did. Also remember that tweaking a photo in flickr causes it to disappear from the blog too.

See, I make these errors so you don’t have to. I’m generous that way.

OK, go back to enjoying your lovely weekend. Or check out my blog. There are actually photos on it now. Feel free to let me know if I missed one.

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