The Connectivity of it all

This morning, I looked at Flickr photos and clicked on one that was really beautiful. It took me to a blog, which led to another blog with a link for a truly motivating video. It dawned on me that we are living in an era that is marked with connectivity. Just by clicking on a link, we can be in touch with some really exceptional people and ideas and images. Oh sure, the cynics will say there’s a lot of garbage on the Net, but there’s so much good too.

I am now in touch with people all over the world, just by uploading my photos. I’ve made some truly memorable connections I wouldn’t have made otherwise. I am…thankful.

Since it’s almost summer, how about some pictures of that quintessential summer place, Cape Cod? I went for the first time last year and fell in love with it. Martha’s Vineyard too. We’ll probably go again this year, and this time I want to see Nantucket.

This is a shop window on Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll take a lot more photos this year–the architecture and beach vibe are wonderful.

Lots of beautiful old Victorians on Martha’s Vineyard…this is a detail from the Oak Bluffs Inn. I want to stay there!

Pretty whimsical, yeah?

Have a great one….

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