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Winter’s Bough

Since we have no snow here, I dug into last year’s photos and applied a texture with blue “snowflakes” to this one: I am still trying to take in the horror that is Newtown, Connecticut. Why someone would shoot little … Continue reading

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Vintage Scale

I bought two things at the antiques emporium I blogged about last time: a vintage scale and an old (1875) copy of Ivanhoe (only $10!). I really like the way antique scales photograph, especially with a little texture added. Here’s … Continue reading

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Lemons ‘n’ blueberries

Once in a while, I’ll set up a still life and photograph it. But mostly I shoot what I find while doing something else, like walking the dog, or eating in a restaurant (a good reason to have a camera … Continue reading

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Old blooms and new

These are spent blooms–perhaps Joe Pye Weed? I’m paying a lot more attention to bokeh now that I have a macro lens. Still getting used to the different depth of field, but it’s fun to move around and see the different colors in … Continue reading

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Goin’ crazy with texture

Remember when I said the craziest-looking textures can sometimes work with your photos? I created the image above with a free texture from darkwood67’s collection on Flickr. (There are tons of free textures on Flickr, by the way.) The texture … Continue reading

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OK, I’m a flower freak….

I admit it, I’m a flower freak. First it was bleeding hearts, then peonies, now mandevilla. I just can’t get enough! ‘Tis a good addiction, though, yeah? This, by the way, is a pink mandevilla. Just in case you were … Continue reading

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