Dumbarton Oaks, part II


A litle more history about Dumbarton Oaks. Robert Woods Bliss (perfect name for someone who owned all this, huh?) commissioned  Igor Stravinsky to compose a concerto for his thirtieth wedding anniversary in 1938. The Concerto in E-flat for chamber orchestra is more commonly referred to as the “Dumbarton Oaks” concerto.

Speaking of music, the mansion has a gorgeous music room where concerts are held throughout the year. Isn’t this a fantastic place to listen?

Dumbarton Oaks website

The gardens were designed by landscape architect Beatrix Farrand with Mrs. Bliss over a period of twenty years! And it shows.

One last factoid from Wikipedia: “In the late summer of 1944, Dumbarton Oaks hosted the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, an international meeting that laid the groundwork for the creation of the United Nations.”

Meanwhile, back at the gardens….

A view of the incredible pebble garden. The pebbles were imported from Mexico and the shallow pool was once covered with water. It’s dry now, but still beautiful.


The employees must love swimming in this pool! The loggia nearby has a beautiful walkway and mosaic “frescoes’:



horseshoe fountain

Isn’t this stairway something else? The water feature is called the “Horseshoe Fountain.”

The tour continues tomorrow….

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3 Responses to Dumbarton Oaks, part II

  1. moviegoer says:

    This place looks incredible.

  2. Miss Welcome says:

    Aaah – once again imagery to feast your eyes on!

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