French boutique in Amish country

I love unusual juxtapositions, don’t you? While in the Amish country recently, we discovered some pretty nice boutiques, including this one with all things French and beautiful.

Here’s another view:

 Bistrot de Paris II

See the little bird next to the glass? I missed that the first time. When I’m shooting, I don’t notice every little detail. I’m concentrating on the framing of the composition, the light and the depth of field (dof).

Now for some Amish country:

This Way Out

I edited this with some “vintage” effects on Photoscape. The sign is for a secondhand store called The Dump, believe it or not. I love vintage signs.

Farm equipment

There are silos everywhere in Lancaster County. They remind me of growing up in the Midwest and visiting my grandparents. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but all four of my grandparents did. My paternal grandfather was a “gentleman farmer,” meaning the family nearly starved. My dad learned to play violin at a young age so he and his mother could perform at private parties to make money for the family. He had a really tough life as a child, but never whined about it. Not even once. Dad was actually the most upbeat person I’ve ever known.

Two more shots of the French “vitrine” (shop window):

les fleurs


This lovely shop can be found in Lititz, PA.

Thanks for stopping!

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4 Responses to French boutique in Amish country

  1. taff says:

    love, love, love, your site can’t get enough!!!

  2. Charlotte- Marie says:

    Hi! Such a great blog! I was just curious what were the effects that you used for the ‘vintage’ picture? I know it may be difficult to recall but what did you use to achieve that?

    • Thanks so much. I haven’t used Photoscape in a long time, so I don’t remember what I used here, but I probably used the cross processing feature. (Filter, Cross Process.) I tend to play around with different effects, so may have used another fllter as well. Hope this helps!

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