More fun with texture

In case you’re worrying that I’m going to do nothing but textures, have no fear. I’m just playing around with my new toy, Photoshop Elements 8. I’m pretty much a purist and not sure how I feel about altering a photo so drastically. It is very creative, but I love pure photography. At any rate, here’s an original of some potted hydrangeas I posted a while back.

As I said in a previous post, it’s fun to look for textures that are completely different from the original. Here I used an image of bright yellow crumpled paper. I think I used a soft linen texture too. I really need to keep a notebook on my process, but maybe not. I kind of like the idea of creating something once and only once.

Here’s the finished product:

I’m too new to this to give many tips, but here’s a good one: after you apply the texture and adjust the opacity, use the eraser tool to remove texture from something like the flowers so they show up better.

It’s a gorgeous day outside, so I’m off to shoot some (hopefully good) photos. I was indoors most of yesterday and need some fresh air.


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2 Responses to More fun with texture

  1. Artswebshow says:

    In all honesty i prefer the first one.
    You are right about not messing around with good shots.
    Unless you actually are doing photo masnipulation itself

    • It’s interesting–I prefer the original too, but much to my surprise, the textured version is getting a lot more “appreciation” over on Flickr. Sometimes I think I know what people like, but I am often wrong.

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