Hearts and cameras

Can you stand one more bleeding heart? Good! I call this “hearts on the line.”

I guess I’m kind of a bleeding heart myself. I always cheer for the underdog and cry at sad books (Les Misérables) and movies (Terms of Endearment). About the latter: my ex and I went to this movie with another couple, and I thought it was a romantic comedy. Imagine my horror when the mom gets cancer and has to say goodbye to her two young sons! It hit WAY too close to home, as my boys were about the same age as the ones in the movie. I wanted to fall on the floor sobbing, but we were with this other couple. I was literally choking on tears and it hurt . Sigh.

OK, I’m brimming with something else today…. I got a new camera!! Be still my beating heart. I’m a little overwhelmed by this Nikon DSLR, but I’m reading the manual like a fiend and hope to be shooting soon. I will still use my Canon Powershot G10 from time to time, as it’s much more unobtrusive. There are times when it’s just not cool to be pointing a camera at everyone. I also don’t like lugging along a lot of camera equipment when I’m just enjoying a walk with my husband. Balance is good.

I fought the digital revolution for years, I’m embarrassed to say. My ex bought me a Sony digital camera in 2000 and I barely used it, believing myself to be a “purist.” Ha! Once my son took over and showed me how incredibly convenient it was I never looked back. To be able to see your shots instantly and send pictures all over the world right after taking them! It’s just amazing to me, even after 10 years. Kind of like cell phones. I’m still flabbergasted that I can make a phone call anywhere whenever I want. Do you know how disgusting those old phone booths were? There aren’t enough antibacterial wipes in the world to clean those suckers.

All for now. Hopefully I’ll have some good shots soon. Here’s a hosta to hold you over…. I could say hosta la vista, baby, but that would be…corny.

variegated hosta

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