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Bleeding Hearts and The Lunch Box

Every time this year, I look forward to photographing bleeding hearts (Dicentra spectabilis). Since we don’t have any in the San Diego area, I dug these out of the never-ending archives. *************************************** If you’re into indie flicks like I am, … Continue reading

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The Facebook Movie

We saw the Facebook movie (The Social Network) a while back and found it to be surprisingly good. Jesse Eisenberg does a fantastic job as Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder) and Justin Timberlake is decent as the semi-sleazy Napster developer. What … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love…not so much

Well, I saw the movie version of  Eat Pray Love, and my overall impression was “meh.” I read the book and liked part of it (the first 100 pages, actually) but I kept waiting for Julia Roberts to show the … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Played with Fire

So, we saw The Girl Who Played with Fire last weekend. I was going to blog about it on Monday, but the power went out, so I had to improvise. Let me start by saying I love what the Swedes … Continue reading

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Hearts and cameras

Can you stand one more bleeding heart? Good! I call this “hearts on the line.” I guess I’m kind of a bleeding heart myself. I always cheer for the underdog and cry at sad books (Les Misérables) and movies (Terms … Continue reading

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