Flowering Dogwoods

Aren’t dogwoods just the best?? I love the petals in pink or white. We have a small wild one in our backyard too. I’m so glad to be back on the East Coast to see them again. It ALMOST makes up for all the pollen and terrible weather the rest of the year. ; )

Dogwood Blossom

Pink Dogwood

According to legend, the dogwood was used to make crosses for crucixion. After Jesus was crucified, the dogwood tree was never again big enough or strong enough for a cross, and the flowers were then cross-shaped. Whatever you believe, you have to admit this blossom looks an awful lot like a cross….

dogwood cross

dogwood petals

Up close, these blossoms look almost salmon-colored, but from a distance they look pink. Growing up in the Midwest, I never knew what dogwoods were until one of my best friends went to Minneapolis and bought some paper blossoms at Dayton’s department store. We thought they were the coolest thing! I never thought I’d live where they grow in the wild.

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