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Snowy Evening in Maryland

This is a shot of the street we used to live on in Maryland. We had a big snowstorm that left almost 30″ of snow. I’m glad I was able to catch the sunset. As I write this, it’s 85 … Continue reading

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Blue Hour at Tivoli Gardens

When we left Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, I looked up and noticed it was blue hour. Such a lovely fun place. Would love to be there right now! Great weekend, everyone…. {carole}

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Winter Sunset

My stepson was visiting from the East Coast recently and we went to the beach one evening to catch the sunset. The actual setting wasn’t spectacular, but the afterglow was pretty sweet: The light on the ocean was so unusual–I … Continue reading

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Hotel Del Coronado Illuminated

The Hotel Del Coronado was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1977. It opened in 1888 and is still going strong. I finally got to see “The Del” Christmas lights one night last week. We joined two of our good … Continue reading

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Summer’s end

Today is the first day of autumn, but you’d never know it around here. 95 degrees yesterday, and probably today too! It’s getting a little old, but I shouldn’t complain after the beastly winter we had last year. Please, no … Continue reading

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Twilight and leaded glass

Oh, I hope you’re not expecting a blog about the “Twilight” series! I guess that word is forever linked with the vampire set now. This is about real twilight, that subdued light right after sunset. But first, one more shot of … Continue reading

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L’heure bleue

I just learned something interesting. There’s a phenomenon called “l’heure bleue” or “blue hour” where the sky turns a gorgeous blue just before sunrise and after sunset. What’s amazing is that you can’t see this color with the naked eye–it … Continue reading

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