L’heure bleue

I just learned something interesting. There’s a phenomenon called “l’heure bleue” or “blue hour” where the sky turns a gorgeous blue just before sunrise and after sunset. What’s amazing is that you can’t see this color with the naked eye–it just shows up in photos, according to the site bluehoursite.com. I might disagree with that after seeing the azure skies of Provence.

At any rate, the photo above was taken in Madrid at dusk and I have to admit I didn’t notice the color of the sky. I just liked the way the steeple looked all lit up. I should Photoshop that power line out of the photo, but it really doesn’t bother me that much.

This shot was also taken at dusk, last winter after one of our bad snowstorms. I’ve probably already posted this (sorry if I did) but wanted to illustrate the phenomenon.

The website will calculate when you can take the best photos during “blue hour.” I’m intrigued.

Thanks for stopping!

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