Twilight and leaded glass

Oh, I hope you’re not expecting a blog about the “Twilight” series! I guess that word is forever linked with the vampire set now. This is about real twilight, that subdued light right after sunset.

But first, one more shot of the exterior of Washington National Cathedral at sunset. It was so clear that day–very little haze or pollution.

Wash Natl Cathedral

There are some really beautiful leaded-glass windows and stained glass, of course:

glass and wrought iron

stained glass

guild window

The last window is part of the All Hallows Guild gift shop on the grounds.  I’ve never been inside, but the web site makes it look very inviting.

Now for some twilight shots. Once again, the gift shop. I shot this hand-held, no tripod, so it’s not the greatest. I’ll definitely re-shoot one night with a tripod.

It kind of looks like something out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, doesn’t it?

Here’s the cathedral à l’heure bleue….

Have a great one….

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2 Responses to Twilight and leaded glass

  1. Miss Welcome says:

    I think your photos are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much! I’m an amateur photographer, but I love taking pictures.
    I think your blog is great, by the way….

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