Tea on a Cruise Ship

Anyone else love going to tea? I learned to appreciate the custom while traveling in the Middle East. We ran into a lot of British people and picked up the habit big time. Years later, a girlfriend and I tried all the great tea spots in D.C. So fun!

During the Baltic cruise, I had every intention of going to tea at least once, but we never had time until the end of the cruise. It was a special Indonesian tea, a nod to all the workers from there.


The waiters rattled off all the names of the pastries, but I didn’t take notes. The food was unusual, but delicious for the most part.


I do remember the round white one was mostly coconut.

So then, on the Alaska cruise I was again determined to have tea. I think we made it on the second-to-last day.


I thought maybe this was just a display, but we were actually served everything shown. Kind of a mistake so close to dinner, but worth it. 🙂


The scones with clotted cream and jam were fantastic, as well as the cream puff. The cookies and finger sandwiches? Just OK. The tea was very good.

There aren’t a lot of places to have tea in the San Diego area, but the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort does a nice one, so I might have to go back.

One of the most luxurious teas I’ve ever been to was at Huntington Botanical Gardens up in San Marino. It’s served in the beautiful Rose Garden Tea Room overlooking acres of roses. They have a buffet with all kinds of pastries, sandwiches and fresh fruit. My sister took me there years ago and I’ll never forget it. Oh, the library, gardens and art collections are fabulous too.

Great weekend, everyone!


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12 Responses to Tea on a Cruise Ship

  1. Oh I agree with you the tea brunch at the Huntington Library is the most wonderful. The set up in the tea house and those light and delicious sandwiches were just delicious. And of the garden with all the roses and much more. Just a delight to go there, I usually go there once a year. I think you need to visit the Lotus Land in Santa Barbara, did I mention that before???

  2. Caroline says:

    I love tea. This looks so delicious.
    The best and most stylish I had was in Bath. I always thought I’d love to have a tea room. I don’t think it would work so well here, though.

    • Bath would be a fantastic place for tea. Such a beautiful place. Actually, anywhere in England, for that matter.
      We don’t have tea rooms over here, just hotels that serve tea. I miss that about Europe.

  3. anroworld says:

    What a delicious post, I feel the taste…yammi!

  4. susan says:

    I’ve never been to ‘tea’, but it sounds like a lovely idea !

  5. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to go to tea at The Plaza. It was Christmastime and the tea room was decorated so beautifully. Then a few tables away a man got on bended knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. That was the icing on the cake of the afternoon. So fun!

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