Old Lucketts Store, Part I

I can’t remember exactly how I found the Old Lucketts Store. Clicking through Pinterest or other blogs, maybe. Anyway, I was very happy to discover that it’s located in Leesburg, Virginia, not that far from where we live.

How to describe Lucketts? Overwhelming the first time. I couldn’t take it all in, even by looking at my photos afterwards. There are three floors in the main building shown here:

Lucketts Store

Each floor is filled with all kinds of stuff for decorating your home, with an emphasis on shabby chic. I narrowed the photos down to twenty, but it was hard. That’s why I’m splitting this post into three parts.

Here are a few things you’ll find in the main store:

mercury glass

I happen to love mercury glass because it give the look of silver without all that polishing.


Aren’t these soaps wrapped beautifully?

Being the mom of two grown sons, I was particuarly taken with this sign:


I liked this reminder too:


There’s just something about vintage typewriters and fans. . . .

Olivetti typewriter

vintage fan

In addition to having great stuff, the people who run the store present everything so beautifully. I especially like this little arrangement:

shabby chic

Part II on Monday.

Great weekend, everyone!


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10 Responses to Old Lucketts Store, Part I

  1. Susan says:

    What a cool place ! And I LOVE the ‘call your mother’ sign . . . totally appropriate for moms with adult sons !

  2. Caroline says:

    I love these assemblages. I have a few corners at home that look a little bit like that only with the cats it’s not easy, I can’t display anything breakable. I didn’t know this was called mercury glass. Makes sense.
    The typewriter is great. And that pillow.

  3. Jackie Cangro says:

    You could probably spend hours at this store, uncovering all of these gems, and still not see everything. It’s so eclectic and fun. You can’t find this stuff at a big box store.

  4. Lady Jennie says:

    Your comment about the sign cracked me up.

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  6. Pingback: Labor Day Appreciation for - Suzanne Eblen - Owner of Lucketts Store - The Graphics Fairy

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