Some new textures

While tooling around Queens, NY, recently, I spotted this vintage Ford Falcon:

(I’ve blurred the license plate with Photoshop to protect the owner’s privacy.)

Thought it might be fun to apply some Photoscape cross processing and vignetting for a more vintage look:

vintage Ford falcon

Next, an ancient-looking fire hydrant taken with my iPhone:

I like the hydrant, but the shot is kind of boring. Here it is “Polarized:”

NY hydrant

(I love this app.)

An old bus in the ferry parking lot in Hyannis, Mass.:

I cropped out the other vehicles and applied some textures from JoesSistah, available here.  This is what I ended up with after a lot of experimenting:

vintage bus

Finally, a small piece of good news. One of my Spain photos was selected for the travel website I was kind of surprised, because it’s not one of my better shots (there’s a big crane in the middle) and it’s nearly a year old.  You can see the photo here (scroll all the way down).


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2 Responses to Some new textures

  1. susan says:

    LOVE the hydrant’s ‘after’ photo !

  2. Thanks, Susan. How are things back at school?

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