We went to Nantucket for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I’d always wanted to see the island…an old friend’s husband always raved about it and that made me curious. You’ll probably discover that I’m a very curious person. Not weird, just eager to learn about new places and things. I’m sure I inherited this from my very-cool dad. I could have said, “Hey, Dad, wanna ride a zip line in the rainforest?” He would have been packed in 10 minutes.

But I digress. Mr. Prose and I took this high-speed catamaran, after missing the first one (they fill up early):

Hy-Line catamaran to Nantucket

It only takes an hour and fifteen minutes on the high-speed; twice as long on the regular ferry. That’s OK if you leave really early, but we didn’t want to spend over four hours of our day commuting.

Nantucket is very pretty and ultra-quaint, but very small. You can drive the entire island in about an hour, and it’s very sparsely settled. Which is fine if you’re into that, but I’m finding that I need a bit more. I used to love lying on the beach, but after a few run-ins with skin cancer (not melanoma, thank God) it’s no longer an option. I do know how to relax, but can’t do the lounging thing 24/7.

That aside, the shops in Nantucket are drool-worthy. Check out this little gem:

clock shop

A lot of the shops have window boxes like this, or flowerpots with gorgeous blooms. It was so refreshing after all the dried-out parchment in the D.C. area. This clock shop was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.

I have nowhere to put this lamp, but think it’s lovely. The whole place looked like this. Here’s another corner:


There are some really talented aesthetes out there.

Hope you’re having a great day….

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8 Responses to Nantucket

  1. 36x37 says:

    Beautiful! As usual, of course, but BEAUTIFUL!

    I’ve always wanted to see Nantucket, too. 1) Because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, and 2) I’d like to see first hand the place that has launched so many dirty limericks.

    Plus, how cool to have taken a ride on a catamaran! It’s so Simon LeBon by way of Duran Duran’s “Rio” video.

    Now I’m all jealous.

  2. Richard Isaac says:

    Haven’t been since I was a kid, but remember it fondly and would love to go back. Glad you got to go!

  3. Great shots here! Would love to visit someday! I really like your photos. Great job!

  4. Lua says:

    I love catamaran rides 🙂 Looks like you had a great time, Nantucket looks so beautiful! I’d love to visit there one day and thank you for sharing your amazing pictures.

  5. Thanks, Lua. I’m still jealous of your trip to Norway. 😉

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