After and befores

Thought I’d switch things up a bit with some textures and Photoscape effects.


I used at least three textures on this until I got it to look the way I wanted. Found this little “flowerbox” on a stroll through Strasburg, PA. The two pink flowers are geraniums, but I’m not sure what the others are.

Here’s the untouched original:

As you can see, I cropped out the rather unattractive electrical boxes at the top. I then removed some of the color and applied textures. I tried so many out, I can’t remember what I finally settled on. Sometimes you get lucky and hit the right one first, but not last night! But seriously, trying out textures is half the fun.

Private property

Ahh, I love peeling paint! Makes for such an interesting image. I applied some cross-processing to this with Photoscape, a great, free photo-editing program.

The original is a bit less interesting, in my opinion:

The next image is dramatically different from the original:


Lots of textures, some de-colorization. It has a vintage look that’s kind of popular now.

Now for the original:

My apologies for the smaller originals. I could have put them on my other Flickr account, but I’m feeling lazy this morning. This oppressive heat is getting to me, I think. Seems like the temperature has been in the 90s forever. If it weren’t for the humidity, it wouldn’t be quite so bad. I can’t believe I ever complained about being cold in California! Never again….

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3 Responses to After and befores

  1. I love what you’ve done here. Some would not edit the way you did – but, I like it. Great job!

  2. Ms. Spock says:

    Guess I’m a different sort of traditionalist. I prefer

    Photo #1 — the original
    Photo #2 — the cropped ‘n’ photoshopped
    Photo #3 — the original

    I am enjoying your submissions and commentary!

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