More peonies

Oh, what I’d give to own some of these peonies! At least I have the photos now.

Here’s a little trio, showing the different stages of bloom. The color is something else, hmmm?

I call this one “lit from within” because of the way the sun hits it. Nature really does pink well, in my humble opinion.

Here’s a dark pink that appears to be “floating”:

Again, if you’d like to see these larger, or if you’d like to see my entire “photostream” on Flickr, just click on any photo and you’re there.

This one looks more like a rosa rugosa, but it is indeed a peony near the end of its bloom. I love the spring green/pink combination here.

Never knew what “bokeh” was until I joined Flickr. It’s the soft, out-of-focus area caused by shallow depth of field. I deliberately had the lens pretty wide open because I wanted a closeup of the flower without a distracting background. I’m also using a macro lens. And I’m still learning my way around a new camera.

One more. “Looking upward.”

Have a good one….

Ms. Pearl

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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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4 Responses to More peonies

  1. cantueso says:

    If you are so good at seeing colour, why wouldn’t you paint? Shouldn’t you learn how to paint?
    Just asking.
    The reason I am asking is that any drawing and painting, even unfinished or beginnerish in style or colour, somehow lasts longer, is remembered longer.
    There is even something sad in looking at old photos.

  2. I agree with a lot of what you say. The longevity factor was brought home to me recently while browsing in an antique store. They were charging a LOT of money for really medicore paintings, just because they were old. I don’t feel the need for immortality, but I do want to study painting.

    Thank you for your comments. They made me think.

  3. cantueso says:

    I didn’t mean immortality.

    I don’t know why old photos, even if they are not of people, are somehow painful to see and paintings or drawings, even of the helpless kind, make one smile and perk up.
    Another thing is that it is easy to remember drawings, but photos vanish from memory in a very short time.

    • I think it’s kind of sad to see old photos of people in an antique store. They make me wonder why the family didn’t keep them. Did they need the money, or did they just not care? I hope my family photos stay in the family.
      A painting is definitely less personal to me. It’s one step removed–an interpretation of something that once was. Therefore less poignant?

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