Apologies and peonies

I must apologize for the lackluster header and fonts on this blog. I’m very new to WordPress and haven’t quite figured everything out yet. I followed the directions for the font kit, but have no clue as to how to use them. Blogger.com was a little more “user-friendly,” but I’m not going to let a bit of newness scare me off.

I spent most of yesterday adding my tags in by hand, as they’d been turned into “categories” when I imported my old blog. There are only tags on blogger, so this is something new. I also had to upload a few photos again because they were the older, smaller versions not on Flickr. If you click on a photo and it doesn’t take you to my Flickr photostream, just try another photo. 

I promise this is the last of the peonies, because they are, unfortunately, short-lived. I call this one “sorbet,” but I found a similar one in the White Flower Farm catalog that’s called “Raspberry Sundae.” Incidentally, this catalog is fantastic. They have such beautiful plants and the photography is first-rate.

I wish I’d taken more pictures of this one! It didn’t look that great through the lens and I’d already kept Mr. Pearl waiting quite some time. Next year….

This is the one in my current header. I call it “Ruffles.”

It’s the middle of May (well, later) and we have the heat on! What is up with that? 54 degrees outside, that’s what. I don’t remember May being quite this chilly last year. I know I shouldn’t complain, because the heat and humidity are coming soon enough. And it’s kind of nice to feel “justified” staying inside working on photography and blogging.

When I lived in Southen CA, there was so much pressure to be outside when it was gorgeous. Problem is, it’s almost always gorgeous there. I’m not sure I would have started a blog while living in California…but that’s just me.

Two more peony shots. The first is a bud. Can you spot the visitor on the lower left? I love the bokeh in this one.

peony bud & guest
I call the next one “clam shell.”  Oh, I love peonies. Can you tell?

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