Peony fields

Yesterday, Mr. Prose and I went to a nearby state park and I took photos of the many peonies growing there. Peonies, you ask? I know, a bit unusual for a state park.  Evidently, a wealthy man who was also an avid gardener established a world-famous peony garden with thousands of plants. After his widow’s death in 1946, their children had the peonies moved to a farm which was later incorporated into the present state park. Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, most of the peonies are in a big field complete with weeds, and are mowed under every fall. I don’t know why they don’t offer the peonies for sale, but I’m happy to photograph them.

Here’s one of the lavender peonies growing amongst the weeds:

I kind of like the way the unruly weeds “frame” the beautiful flower.

I call this one “Red Velvet” because of its lovely texture. The green photographed so well–I had partly cloudy skies to help me out.

Red velvet peony
This one looks kind of like a clam shell. I wish I knew the names, but none were labeled and I no longer have my East Coast garden books.

See the ant or spider on the left side? There were plenty of those crawling around. I now have a bug bite on my left arm too. All for the cause of photography.

Here’s how the “peony field” looks:

More peonies tomorrow….

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