Rocky in warmer times

In my last post, I talked about how mon petit chien, Rocky, hates the cold weather on the East Coast after growing up in Southern California. These photos show the Rock living the good life, basking in the sun by the pool and being planted near a Giant Bird of Paradise (my son’s idea). Why did I leave this corner of heaven, you ask? Only for the best man in the world, my husband. He was living on the East Coast, so that’s where I moved. No regrets. But I would like a mosquito-free zone outside once in awhile.
This picture was actually taken by my oldest son. He and his girlfriend were having some fun with Rocky, who didn’t seem to mind too terribly. It was right before the 4th of July, hence the flag.

 Did I mention that Rocky is a Maltese? I adopted him when he was four years old from a rescue organization that found him on the street. I love small dogs, having had Cairn Terriers and Australian Terriers before. I’m not crazy about the white coat and eyes that tear and stain said white coat, but I love him dearly.

Rocky’s previous owners taught him to howl on cue, which my youngest son discovered accidentally. All you have to do is put your head back and howl just a little bit and Rocky will go for it.







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