Woweeee, it’s cold out this morning. I should have worn my gloves when I walked Rockamino (one of his many nicknames). After 10 years in Southern California, I am still kind of surprised when the cold weather blows in. Will have to get Rocky’s red sweater out soon, which he hates. Here’s a photo of him in it…
When he stands on his hind legs and twirls around he looks like a ballerina with a white tutu. Soooo funny. I’ll have to try and get a picture of that.
I may have to invest in a down jacket for this little guy, because the sweater wasn’t enough when it got down to zero. Rocky would just stop in his tracks, unwilling to move another inch. I had to carry him home inside my jacket more than once. I guess growing up in Southern Cal made him soft like me.

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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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