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 Don’t you just love plumeria? The scent is one of my all-time favorites. I had a small one in California that actually bloomed, but the flowers were tiny compared to the ones in Hawaii. The trick to getting blooms is to use this clearn liquid fertilizer just for orchids and plumeria. I could inhale this fragrance all day long. (Taken in Kona.)

An odd selection, huh?? But I love the colors and design of this old jalopy in Austin, Texas. It’s in a group called “Oxidation is beautiful” on Flickr. This old car is now being used as a planter. ☺

I really like vintage signs like this one on South Congress St. in Austin, Texas. It’s for the Magnolia Cafe which has fantastic breakfasts. I saw a painting of this sign that was very cool.

This belle rose was growing outside the little cottage I rented for a year in California. Unfortunately, I was just learning my way around a new camera and the rose is a bit out of focus. But doesn’t it look nice with my lamp and plants? I loved that little cottage.

I bought this wrought iron bench at the coolest outdoor pottery store in Temecula, CA. A guy named Jack ran the place and always had Sinatra playing on the outdoor speakers. He was so laid back and nice. Jack had the best fountains and chimineas, among other things. I had to sell my bench before moving to the East Coast, as it would have rusted to death. But no worries, I found a good home for it.

This tile work was for a seafood restaurant in Santa Barbara! The door, the tiles, the design–délicieuses.

A few years back, I spent some time in San Carlos, Mexico, and fell in love with the place. It used to be a big sport fishing mecca, but now it’s just a sleepy town with lots of expats from Arizona.

The Sea of Cortez is so beautiful!! My son used to hop in a kayak that was in our friends’ backyard and row out to a little island in the sea. The movie “Catch-22” was filmed on the beach there. I hope to go back one day.

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