I think my husband may be turning me into a cereal freak. He eats it every morning and sometimes before bed. I usually start my morning with peanut butter toast and orange juice, but lately I’ve been lovin’ Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats. My sons used to eat the former for years and I never tasted anything but the leftover soggies. It’s soooo much better crunchy.

Linda Hunt
And I now love having a “cuppa” tea in the a.m. Was a coffee lover for years and years, but due to stomach troubles I had to stop about six years ago. I still miss it, especially on weekends. My mom had the most beautiful china teacups and I never really appreciated them until now. I have one or two of them, but they’re in storage with a lot of my furniture. (It’s hard to combine two houses, alas.) This painting is by Linda Hunt and may be available for sale on etsy.com. I have two of her works and love them. This teacup and saucer is very much like my mom’s.


Off to get the house ready for my son’s visit this weekend! He lives in California and I miss him terribly.


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