Cherries are Back

Is anyone else thrilled that cherries are back in season? I love them, could eat a bucketful. My Norwegian grandmother lived in Oregon, and had a Queen Anne cherry tree in her yard. I’d never seen cherries that were yellow and red, but they were fantastic. Both my mother and grandmother warned me that I’d get sick if I ate too many, but I never did. I loved that time in Oregon and cherish those moments with my grandmother.

One time I spied Queen Annes in the grocery store (back on the East Coast) and couldn’t wait to get home and try them. What a disappointment. They were mushy and tasteless. I think they’re just too perishable to hold up for long. Nothing like eating them off the tree. Same with fresh figs!

Then the other day, we went to the local Farmers Market and they had Queen Annes, although they called them “Rainier.” I did a little research and learned that these cherries only grow in Michigan, Oregon and Washington. Some say Rainier cherries are sweeter than Queen Annes, but others can’t tell the difference. I may have to try them after all, but kind of like keeping my old memories intact.

Great weekend, everyone!


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9 Responses to Cherries are Back

  1. Yumm cherries! What special memories!

  2. Susan says:

    Delicious memory ! We had a cherry tree in our back yard when we lived in Kentucky – and boy, oh boy, they were YUMMY !

  3. AnRoalisticBlog says:

    I love cherries, they are my favorite!

  4. Caroline says:

    Lovely memories, Carole.
    I like cherries but nit as much as you do. But the trees are so beautiful and so are the fruit.

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