Sweet Jasmine

Every year I look forward to jasmine blooming. The scent is downright intoxicating and we’re lucky enough to have it growing up to our balcony. Whenever there’s a breeze we get a strong delicious whiff.

I had never lived in a climate warm enough for jasmine, so didn’t know how amazing it was.

Here it is on the balcony. I was surprised to learn that jasmine is part of the olive family.

The skies have been so blue lately!

Here you can see the individual flowers. The only downside? I’ll be sweeping those blossoms for months. So worth it, though.

Great weekend, everyone!


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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10 Responses to Sweet Jasmine

  1. Susan says:

    Our jasmines have bloomed and gone back to foliage only – they don’t last as long in the heat . . . but love their fragrance which permeates the surrounding neighborhood – your descriptor ‘intoxicating’ is spot-on !

  2. AnRoalisticBlog says:

    I bet the smell is fantastic!

  3. Caroline says:

    Amazing. I had a small Jasmine plant 8ndoors once and had to move it out of the bedroom it was too strong but lovely.
    Those are massive bushes. You are so lucky. I also love honeysuckle.

  4. Oh, honeysuckle is great too. We had it in Maryland, but I haven’t seen it here in Calif.

  5. I’m pretty sure we had jasmine on the Saudi compound and it was amazing!

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