Spring Comes Early Here

We are fortunate in that spring arrives the first week in February in Southern California. When I lived back East, I disliked the month of February the most because it was cold and icy and interminable even though it’s the shortest month.

Here are some shots I took a few days ago at the San Diego Botanic Garden and Carillo Ranch….

Birds of Paradise at Carillo Ranch.

Red hot pokers, also at the ranch.

I am still amazed to see bananas growing in the winter. Botanic Gardens.

Bromeliad in the Botanic Gardens.

One of my favorite vines, Cup of Gold. Botanic Gardens. Our winter skies are insanely blue!

Another angle.

Great weekend, everyone!


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14 Responses to Spring Comes Early Here

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful! But it is way too dry. I have lived here all my life and have never experienced anything like the last 5 years. The native trees and plants and animals who depend on water will perish.

  2. Susan says:

    I share your February ‘blah’ syndrome – it’s not my favorite month either ! Those photos at the botanical gardens are fabulous. . . and the skies provide a vibrant backdrop. I’ll try to be patient for spring to arrive here. Daffodils are starting to pop up in my yard and in another week or so, many yards as well as abandoned rural homesites will be blanketed in yellow. In about 10 days I’ll make my annual pilgrimage to Mrs. Lee’s daffodil gardens near Gladewater – you might find photos of that place online – it’s a fantastic site which is open to the public yearly, weather permitting, as there are no paved roads in the property.

  3. Thank you for sharing a bit of spring with those of us stuck in the doldrums of winter. It’s lovely to see a splash of color. 🙂

  4. How wonderful that spring comes early to you, dear Carole! You are so luck to live among these beauties! Here is cold yet and even snowy!

  5. Caroline says:

    Gorgeous. We have quite a lot in bloom over here too but that’s not good. Winter was too warm but it can still get very cold and that will kill the blossoms and flowers. The climate is changing big time.

  6. joshi daniel says:

    Nice colors and so lively 🙂

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