Cruising the Neva in St. Petersburg

After visiting Peterhof Palace, we returned to the city of St. Petersburg via hydrofoil. We were hoping to do that at some point and the trip did not disappoint.

Our transportation looked just like this one:

There was a lot of glare from the windows, so I’ve included shots that I took while walking around the city. Note the tall ship in the background.

The terra cotta-colored structures are the Rostral Columns designed to hold beacons for what was once St. Petersburg’s main port, inspired by Roman victory monuments.

There were all kinds of boats on the river. Many were like this one for tourists. It reminds me of the bateaux mouches in Paris a little bit. There’s the tall ship again.

A closer look at the salmon-colored building. I love the architecture and colors of St. Petersburg so much.

The Peter and Paul Fortress.

The amazing St. Isaac’s Cathedral. That yellow building is pretty cool too.

I wish I could have gotten this shot of the Hermitage without window glare, but there just wasn’t an opportunity. Seeing the inside was what mattered.

Sorry again about the glare here. This is very close to where we disembarked, which turned out to be a funny/odd experience. When we got close to our destination, I heard the driver talking on the phone with someone. Suddenly we were right next to another boat and were told to board it. Huh? Would you believe a children’s birthday party was going on there? I was so surprised I didn’t even take a photo. What’s funny is that the kids didn’t even notice us walking through their party. Must be a regular occurrence.

Great weekend, everyone…Super Bowl Sunday! I’ll be watching the commercials and maybe a little bit of the game. 🙂


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6 Responses to Cruising the Neva in St. Petersburg

  1. Ms. Spock says:

    I always like pastel colors in structures — and then there’s a couple that are brighter than pastel, just to keep me awake. Good work, Ms. Pearl!

  2. Caroline says:

    I so want to visit St.Petersburg.

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