We are having cool and rainy weather this month, which is very unusual. The drought may be ending, so we can’t complain. Everything is blooming now, including one of my favorites, Wisteria. They smell heavenly.

Great weekend, everyone!


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12 Responses to Wisteria

  1. Susan says:

    Love wisteria !

  2. Caroline says:

    I love them too.
    The weather’s crazy here. One day cold, next day hot, then cool and sunny, warm and rainy.

  3. Such a soothing color! I’m glad to hear that the drought is nearly over. It must have been so worrisome for everyone.

    • It really was, Jackie. Especially when you read that companies like Nestlé are tapping California’s groundwater to sell back to us. In our development, they took out water-thirsty plants and replaced them with succulents.

  4. Wisteria, is such a lovely plant, you had captured it beautifully, thank you for sharing.

  5. anroworld says:

    Wow, wow, wow, very gentle picture as if I am touching…delicate!

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