Glacier Bay

Mind if we go back to Alaska?

One of my favorite stops on the cruise was Glacier Bay. Just so beautiful! See for yourself….

See the white thing on the left that looks like a waterfall? That’s what they call “calving,” when a piece of the glacier breaks off. Sometimes there are huge chunks that make a lot of noise.

More than a few people were taking photos. It was fun running all around the ship to get different shots. We didn’t know that the ship would turn around so everyone could basically see the glacier from their staterooms.

As we pulled away from the glacier, the landscape changed, but it was still breathtaking.

Our last glimpse of Glacier Bay.

Great weekend, everyone!


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11 Responses to Glacier Bay

  1. Susan says:

    The color of the water is breathtakingly beautiful !

  2. Caroline says:

    I agree with Susan, the color of the water is amazing. And so many shades. I love those where either the eyes or Grass are reflected and then change to the reflection of the sky. The transitions are wonderful.

  3. Ms. Spock says:

    BRRRR! Such austere beauty. Thanks for the treat.

  4. anroworld says:

    Wow, so beautiful there, I can look endlessly…thank you, dear Carole!

  5. thegreyeye says:

    Who will mind this beautiful place 😊

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