Missing Sweater Weather

I am traveling right now, so only one photo today.


Have to admit I’m missing autumn weather these days. This shot from the archives almost made me feel like I was back on the East Coast enjoying sweater weather. We’ve had hot temps and humidity for months now and it’s getting kind of old. I was almost envious of the people at the Mets/Cubs game the other night. They were shivering with jackets on!

Just read the loveliest autumn quote:

Autumn killed
the summer with
the softest kiss


Anyone know who d.j. is?

Great weekend, everyone!


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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4 Responses to Missing Sweater Weather

  1. anroworld says:

    Very nice photo, dear Carole, and I like the poem. I don’t know who d.j., but it’s so well-written! Wish you nice journey and lot’s of happy moments! Enjoy weekend!

  2. When I lived in the South, I used to long for cooler weather and changing leaves in the same way. This is really my favorite time of year. Though the tables will be turned come January, when there is a foot of snow on the ground! 🙂

  3. Caroline says:

    I would miss the autumn colors. The cold? Not so much. Lovely photo.

  4. joshi daniel says:

    so colorful and gorgeous 🙂

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