Another Beautiful Pattern in Nature


This guy was chillin’ in the gravel and was surprisingly calm. Usually they run when they see the camera. I just can’t get over the colors in their plumage. So, so beautiful.


I’d never gotten close enough to see the patterns of the feathers below a peacock’s neck. What an amazing design–almost like fish scales, but nicer colors.


You can see them better here.

OK, everyone, have a great Labor Day weekend if you celebrate, and a wonderful weekend otherwise! We are going out of town for a week, so I’ll be back here around the 15th.


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5 Responses to Another Beautiful Pattern in Nature

  1. Caroline says:

    Now this is getting even more uncanny. I just finsihed another story called The Peacock’s Dance.
    They are so beautiful. I’m amazed you could get this close.
    Have a lovely trip.

  2. anroworld says:

    Colors are really fabulous! Wish you wonderful days out!

  3. susan says:

    AMAZING ! I’ve never, repeat NEVER seen one this close (at rest) . . . and loving it.

  4. I recently learned that most birds have vision in the ultraviolet spectrum. To another bird, those iridescent peacock feathers probably have an astonishing glow!

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