Photo Sharing Problems

My apologies, but the blog post I prepared for today won’t show up until tomorrow. Flickr made some changes to their coding and WordPress doesn’t seem to recognize it. When I hit “Preview” at 11:30 last night, all my photos disappeared. I’ll go back in today and upload them directly from my computer. My free space for photos on WordPress is running out– that’s why I use Flickr.

Now Flickr wants to add a big white border with their name, the photographer’s name and photo title to each image, and members are in an uproar. I’m not thrilled with the idea either, so need to weigh my options. At any rate, I’ll see you tomorrow!


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9 Responses to Photo Sharing Problems

  1. frustrating for you but I will be waiting!

  2. anroworld says:

    Good luck and waiting your photos!

  3. Ms. Spock says:

    I am but dimly aware of the scope of the effort you devote to Pearls and Prose. I know that I and others certainly appreciate what you’re doing here. We’ll be looking here for you tomorrow.

  4. Arg, that is so frustrating, it happened to me before and not only once. Hope it will work again for you, good luck!

  5. Caroline says:

    Frustrating. I hope you can sort the issues with Flickr.

    • There were about 10 pages of angry messages on a Flickr forum, so I hope Flickr takes note and reconsiders this latest move. They lost a lot of photographers with the last change.

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