Travel Scan: Camels in Lebanon


I took this shot on the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon. I’m fairly adventurous, but I’ve never wanted to ride a camel. They kick, bite and spit–yuck. According to the San Diego Zoo website, camel spit is more like vomit. They use this tactic to warn off predators. If you see their cheeks bulging, look out. 😉

Great weekend, everyone!


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4 Responses to Travel Scan: Camels in Lebanon

  1. Thanks for the tip, Carole. 🙂
    I recently visited a farm that keeps alpacas where I learned that they spit also. It’s a very unpleasant experience, the farmhand told me. LOL

  2. Caroline says:

    I never felt the urge to ride a camel either. Camels are so intelligent. I once read a book about a woman who travelled through Australia with a camel. I can’t remember the title but the stories she told about them were so funny.
    This is such a beautiful picture. I love the colors.

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