Coffee Break


Hi there! I’m taking a little break from looking at hundreds of blog designs and searching for a host, etc. Have found the latter, but still looking for a design that has everything I want. Will probably have to get a designer to customize it for me and that could take a while. I’m putting the office redo on hold, as we’re flying back to the East Coast for a wedding next week. I’ll try to post at least a photo each week in the meantime. Hope you are all doing well….


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Photography. With a little life thrown in.
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12 Responses to Coffee Break

  1. TBM says:

    Beautiful cup but I would be afraid I’d break it or chip it. Have a great trip!

  2. Ms. Spock says:

    I personally have long appreciated colorful pastels. Ms. Pearl, you did it again!

    We’ll look for your weekly photo(s), and enjoy the east coast.

  3. Glad to hear your website design is coming along. It can be a bit overwhelming at times — so many things to consider. Looking forward to the unveiling!

    • Thanks, Jackie. You are right–I was so overwhelmed at first, I almost gave up. Once I eliminated the stuff I didn’t like it was easier. I’m amazed at all the different designs out there. It will be a while until the unveiling, but I think it will be more what I want.

  4. Such a lovely image. Good luck to you!

  5. Caroline says:

    I love this photo and the cup. I have such bad luck with favouite cups. Hope your luckier than I.
    This photo is going right into my Top 10 of yours. Even the color of the coffee matches the other colors.
    It’s quite stressfulr redesigning a blog, isn’t it? I remeber when i chose a new theme and new colours and that wasn’t such an extensive change. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Caroline. I am careful with fine china–never use the dishwasher and I dry them right after washing. I’ve found that if I leave them in the drainer, chips happen.

      I am feeling overwhelmed again, but will keep pushing forward. The learning curve on blog design is much steeper than I thought it would be, but I’m figuring out stuff along the way. I have a lot of respect for blog designers.

  6. joshi daniel says:

    beautiful and loved the light colors 🙂

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