Travel Scan: Transylvania Woman


We were driving through the mountains of Transylvania and saw a group of women on the roadside doing embroidery. I asked this woman if I could take her picture and she nodded, smiling. I was happy to catch her pulling the thread upwards–I think it adds to the photo. We bought a piece of embroidery and were stunned to find out we could have had all of it for a pair of American jeans. Alas, we had only our cutoffs and they weren’t interested.

Happy Labor Day weekend to my friends in the U.S., and great weekend to everyone else!


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6 Responses to Travel Scan: Transylvania Woman

  1. This is a wonderful portrait, Carole. It really captures her focus on her work. What beautiful embroidery she’s making.

  2. Ms. Spock says:

    I’m impressed with how the Transylvanian woman’s garb went so well with the color of the backdrop structure. We she expecting you, and so dressed herself for the occasion? (Good photo there . . . )

  3. Caroline says:

    I love the colors of this photo. Great portrait.

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