Travel Scan: Arles, Roman Cemetery


Alyscamps is one of the most famous necropolises of the ancient world (founded in the fourth century or earlier). It was referred to by Dante in The Inferno and was Arles’ main burial ground for nearly 1,500 years. According to Wiki, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin chose the Alyscamps as the first site for their expeditions where they painted side by side in 1888.

I’m not a huge fan of cemeteries, but I thought this one was amazing. This photo really takes me back to sun-filled days in Provence, one of my favorite places in the world. The person in the photo is our friend E., and yes, those are sarcophagi on either side of the walkway.


Next week I’ll be preparing for my trip to the Baltic, so I won’t be blogging for about three weeks. I’m very excited about seeing Copenhagen, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Lubeck for the first time. Have already started packing and hope I don’t forget anything. It kind of blew my mind to see that St. Petersburg is eleven hours later than San Diego. That is far. Hoping to share some good photos with you when I get back.

Great weekend, everyone!


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12 Responses to Travel Scan: Arles, Roman Cemetery

  1. Enjoy your trip to northern Europe. i was just listening to a podcast about St. Petersburg and it sounds like a fascinating place to visit. I hope you get to eat a few varenikis. 🙂

  2. Ms. Spock says:

    The arches (that appear to be nested), the columns, these evoke for me a different time and place: one of relaxed dignity, one of civility, one of serious learning, one in which there is a culture whose citizens enjoy a common philosophical basis. Subtract out the arches and columns — although there was analogous architecture at my college, as well as similar gardens and courtyards — and I find myself yearning for those simpler college days (I’m an old you-may-know-what by now), with my future beckoning me as something to be eagerly taken on.

    Ms. Pearl, you’ve done it again. Very well done.

  3. Caroline says:

    Lovely photo. Brings back memories . . .
    What alovely trip you’ve planned. I haven’t seen any of those cities but would love to visit them all.
    Especially St Petersburg. Have a wonderful time.

  4. I so like Arles…have you visited the hotel Nord Pinus?

  5. No, I haven’t, but would love to go back and photograph that exterior!

  6. Love this…one of my bucket lists is to go to Rome. Can’t wait to see your images when you come back! Be safe!

  7. joshi daniel says:

    that is a great portrait 🙂

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