A Little Texas-German Vibe


Fredericksburg, Texas, was founded in 1846 and named after Prince Frederick of Prussia. The first German settlers used a dialect called Texas German because they refused to speak English. Can’t help wondering what that sounded like. We thought this German-Texan town was interesting, starting with the architecture. . . .


(I’m experimenting with collages. Let me know if anything looks a little wonky.)

What surprised me was the level of sophistication in this little Texas town. Often, this kind of place caters to tourists and is full of kitschy stuff. Not so much Fredericksburg:



The quilt place was especially wonderful. Everything you can imagine made out of quilts with beautiful patterns.


I thought these shoes deserved a stand-alone shot. Just the right person might be able to pull off this look–whaddya think?

As I said, not a lot of kitsch in Fredericksburg, but I couldn’t resist shooting this:



Someone did a brilliant job of painting this version of Betty Boop, didn’t they?


We ate lunch here. The Sauerbraten and hot German potato salad were excellent. I almost felt like I was back in Germany.

More on Tuesday.


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10 Responses to A Little Texas-German Vibe

  1. Caroline says:

    I like this. It looks like a nice little town. I wonder what their language sounded like.
    the second and the third collage look better than the first because te house on the right photo is smaller. Do you see what I mean? The other pictured are filled, that one has a lot of air.

    • That particular collage drove me nuts, Caroline. The program I’m using doesn’t have a lot of flexibility, so I was limited on the arrangement. Yes, that photo has a lot of negative space, but I didn’t feel that it warranted being on its own. Hope that makes sense. 🙂
      I also wonder if Texas German sounded anything like Pennsylvania Dutch?

  2. I hope the person who could pull those shoes off hasn’t been born yet! Love that Betty Boop. What an insane place. Great post.

  3. The architecture and history of this town reminds me a bit of a town I visited many years ago — Helen, Georgia. It’s in the northern Georgia mountains and was built to resemble a Bavarian village. All of the buildings have that type of chalet styling. They really cash in during Oktoberfest!

  4. TBM says:

    Ha! I never knew this place existed and what a charming place it is. I would never be able to coordinate my cloths with those shoes. I struggle with simple colors.

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